How We Can Help!

From our hiring and employment programs to our volunteer activities, we help veterans and their families’ transition successfully into civilian life.
Providing Veterans the essential tools to succeed in today`s workforce

01 Career Counselling

While, most candidates come with prior work experience which is specific to their specialty in military. We will help candidates in identifying civilian or government industries which requires similar work experience. This enables candidates to conduct a relevant streamlined job search and avoid the recruiting blackholes. Some, veterans are looking for a complete career change, HireaSTEMVet will help them prepare a road map for that next big leap by identifying training programs, certifications and/or education needed to make that transition.  We Recruit, we Train and we Place.

02 Professional Training

Certification training for a technology job that will complement the veterans previous work experience, MOS and degree where applicable. List of industry relevant certifications:

  • IT Business Analyst

  • Life Sciences:

    Validation, Compliance, Technical Writing

  • Quality Assurance

  • Billing and Coding

  • Cyber Security

  • Help Desk/Technicians

03 Networking within relevant industry

It is critical for success of veteran hiring to establish a successful relationship with industry hiring leaders. Identify open positions within the veteran’s desired industry where their prior work experience and the new acquired certification
are desired skill sets.
Helping a veteran navigate and network is key to their success.

04 Resume Workshops

Demilitarizing the terminology for a winning resume is key ensure that the civilian recruiters can identify with the relevant work experience.

05 Interview Prep

Once selected for an interview, the candidate will be trained for their big day. HireaSTEMVet interview coaches will help identify examples from veteran’s military career to resonate during an interview.
Training will be provided for the following interview styles:

  • Technology interview

  • Behavioral interviews

  • Case interviews

  • Situational interviews